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spoiler alert

i’ve been distracted all week catching up with loads of DCnU stuff. for those who don’t care about comics, DC, who make all the good ones, drastically rebooted the universe the characters live in last year. This is great in theory, cos it means anyone can pick up a comic without having to understand X years of plot development. Now all the titles have run their first plot arc, so i scavved a whole bunch and read them instead of doing anything productive. so anyway, instead of what i said i’d do, here’s some scans, cos if there’s one thing DC needs, it’s more ill-informed  internet opinion

batman is so so good and pretty much carries on the grant morrison canon. i love the contact lense macguffin, it doesn’t seem forced cos it’s totally the sort of thing batman would do, and it means the exposition never slows the action. i want to hug scott synder for understanding batman so well. 

animal man

animal man is also excellent. beautifully drawn gore, doom, postmodernisn, and the cat is called socks. the point where i’m at, everyone’s off to see swamp thing, so now i have to keep reading that and buy swamp thing. job done, dc. 

fury of the firestorms

right, whatever the internet’s opinion, and however hamfisted the execution, i think putting that “mommy why do we have no black friends” line into the minds of kids is a cool thing to do. This comic is pants tho.


stormwatch. urgh. its so confusing, every character is a dick, and the new people are rubbish; adam is like, an immortal condescending hippy, media girl is just stupid, and this guy:

whatever. the whole thing is confusing, petty and messily drawn, all the things that the original wasn’t. also, jenny is now ANOTHER FUCKING 9 YEAR OLD GIRL WITH LIMITLESS POWERS.

red-robin and the outsiders

again, i brought the first one cos i wanted to own THE WORLDS WORST COMIC BOOK. starfires tits have been all over tinternet by now, but, ignoring the few panels she’s in, the framing is dead smart and kinetic, and Red Robin is still a fun antihero kinda guy. News to internet comic bloggers: some girls enjoy sex, too. 

and lastly, aquaman

aquaman is great. he’s not a beady old man anymore, he’s an abdicated king of a destroyed nation who wants to be called arthur and live in a lighthouse and occasionally rescue his neighbours cat. and everyone hates him.